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This topic presents a brief description of the components included in the Oracle Data Access Components library. Click on the name of each component for more information. These components are added to the ODAC page of the Component palette except for TCRBatchMove and TVirtualTable components. TCRBatchMove and TVirtualTable components are added to the Data Access page of the Component palette. Basic ODAC components are included in all ODAC editions. ODAC Professional and Developer Edition components are not included in ODAC Standard Edition.

Basic ODAC components

OraSession TOraSession Lets you set up and control connections to Oracle.
OraQuery TOraQuery Uses SQL statements to retrieve data from Oracle tables and pass it to one or more data-aware components through a TDataSource object. This component provides a mechanism for updating data in Oracle.
SmartQuery TSmartQuery A more efficient query component. This component is aware of all the fields that belong to a table being updated and performs on-demand full row retrieval with Expand Fields . A traffic-efficient alternative to TOraQuery for working with large tables with lots of fields. Includes Smart Refresh functionality in Professional and Developer Editions.
OraSQL TOraSQL Executes SQL statements, PL/SQL blocks, and stored procedures, which do not return rowsets.
OraTable TOraTable Lets you retrieve and update data in a single table without writing SQL statements.
OraStoredProc TOraStoredProc Executes stored procedures and functions. Lets you edit cursor data returned as parameter.
OraNestedTable TOraNestedTable Component for controlling nested table data.
OraUpdateSQL TOraUpdateSQL Lets you tune update operations for a DataSet component.
OraDataSource TOraDataSource Provides an interface for connecting data-aware controls on a form and ODAC dataset components.
OraScript TOraScript Executes sequences of SQL and PL/SQL statements.
OraSQLMonitor TOraSQLMonitor Interface for monitoring dynamic SQL execution in ODAC-based applications.
ConnectDialog TConnectDialog Allows you to build custom prompts for usernames, passwords, and server names.
VirtualTable TVirtualTable Dataset that stores data in memory. This component is placed on the Data Access page of the Component palette.
VirtualDataSet TVirtualDataSet Dataset that processes arbitrary non-tabular data.

ODAC Professional and Developer Edition components

TOraEncryptor TOraEncryptor Represents data encryption and decryption in client application.
OraPackage TOraPackage Provides a straightforward way to access Oracle packages.
OraAlerter TOraAlerter Allows you to transfer messages between sessions.
OraLoader TOraLoader Allows you to quickly load data into Oracle databases.
OraTransaction TOraTransaction Provides discrete transaction control over sessions. Can be used to manipulate both simple and distributed transactions.
OraQueue TOraQueue Lets you monitor the message queue. Provides an interface for enqueuing and dequeuing messages.
OraQueueTable TOraQueueTable Component for managing queue tables.
OraQueueAdmin TOraQueueAdmin Component for managing queues.
OraChangeNotification TOraChangeNotification Allows you to use Oracle Database Change Notifications.
OraTrace TOraTrace Allows you to start and stop the SQL trace for a specified session. This component provides access to the DBMS_TRACE package.
OraErrorHandler TOraErrorHandler Translates error messages.
OraProvider TOraProvider Loads data to and from a dataset.
OraMetaData TOraMetaData Retrieves metadata on specified SQL object.
CRBatchMove TCRBatchMove Transfers data between all types of TDataSet descendants. This component is placed on the Data Access page of the Component palette.
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