TOraSession.ProxySession Property

Used to enable multiple user sessions within a single database session.




property ProxySession: TOraSession;


Applications can have multiple user sessions within a single database session. These "lightweight sessions" allow each user to be authenticated, preserving the identity of the real user through the middle tier.

The application server creates a proxy session for itself once it connects to a server. It authenticates itself to the database in a normal way creating the application server trust zone. The application server identity is now well known and trusted to the data server. Application server verifies the identity of a client. After that it can create TOraSession component and establish session for each client without authentication on Oracle server. That will reduce time for connection.

For each client session you must refer the TOraSession.ProxySession property to proxy TOraSession object. TOraSession.Password may by empty for client session. To use this feature Oracle users must have CONNECT THROUGH privilege.

Note: ProxySession property in TOraSession is supported with OCI connection only when Options.Direct=False

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