TOraSQL Members

TOraSQL class overview.


Name Description


Used to set the Length propery to all parameters.

ChangeCursor (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Enables or disables changing screen cursor when executing commands in the NonBlocking mode.


Sets the wait time before a request is sent to the server to terminate the attempt to execute or fetch the current SQL statement.

Connection (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Used to specify a connection object to use to connect to a data store.

Debug (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Used to display the statement that is being executed and the values and types of its parameters.

FinalSQL (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Used to return a SQL statement with expanded macros.

MacroCount (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Used to get the number of macros associated with the Macros property.

Macros (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Makes it possible to change SQL queries easily.


Used to execute a SQL statement by a separate thread.

ParamCheck (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Used to specify whether parameters for the Params property are implicitly generated when the SQL property is being changed.

ParamCount (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Indicates the number of parameters in the Params property.


Contains the parameters for a SQL statement.

ParamValues (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Used to get or set the values of individual field parameters that are identified by name.

Prepared (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Used to indicate whether a query is prepared for execution.

RowsAffected (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Used to indicate the number of rows which were inserted, updated, or deleted during the last query operation.


Used to return the number of rows processed by a SQL statement.


Used to define the session to execute SQL in.

SQL (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Used to provide a SQL statement that a TCustomDASQL component executes when the Execute method is called.


Used to get the typecode of the SQL statement being processed by an Oracle database server.


Used to get a value indicating whether Oracle resources assosiated with the current statement will be cached inside a session.


Specifies whether to use temporary LOBs for writing input and input/output LOB parameters into database when executing SQL statements.


Name Description

BreakExec (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Breaks execution of an SQL satatement on the server.


Assigns a PL/SQL block that calls stored procedure


Obtains zero-based starting byte position of a parse error detected by an Oracle server while processing SQL statement.

Execute (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Overloaded. Executes a SQL statement on the server.

Executing (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Checks whether TCustomDASQL still executes a SQL statement.

FindMacro (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Finds a macro with the specified name.


Searches for and returns a parameter with the specified name.

MacroByName (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Finds a macro with the specified name.


Searches for and returns a parameter with the specified name.

Prepare (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Allocates, opens, and parses cursor for a query.

UnPrepare (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Frees the resources allocated for a previously prepared query on the server and client sides.

WaitExecuting (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Waits until TCustomDASQL executes a SQL statement.


Name Description

AfterExecute (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Occurs after a SQL statement has been executed.
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