TOraDataSet.OptionsDS Property

Used to specify the behaviour of TOraDataSetObject.




property OptionsDS: TOraDataSetOptionsDS stored False;


Set the properties of OptionsDS to specify the behaviour of a TOraDataSet object.

Descriptions of all options are in the table below.

Option Name Description
AutoClose Used to close OCI cursor after fetching all rows.
CacheLobs Used to allocate local memory buffer to hold a copy of the Lob content.
DefaultValues Used for TOraDataSet to fill the DefaultExpression property of TField objects with the appropriate value.
DeferredLobRead Used fetch all Oracle 8 Lob values only when they are explicitly requested.
FieldsAsString Used to treat all non-BLOB fields as being of string datatype.
HideRowId Used to display the ROWID column.
KeepPrepared Used to keep TOraDataSet prepared after closing.
RawAsString Used to treat all RAW fields as being of string datatype.
ScrollableCursor Used for TOraDataSet to use scrollable server cursor (available since Oracle 9 only) instead of caching data on the client side.

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