TCustomSmartQuery Events

Events of the TCustomSmartQuery class.

For a complete list of the TCustomSmartQuery class members, see the TCustomSmartQuery Members topic.


Name Description

AfterExecute (inherited from TCustomDADataSet)

Occurs after a component has executed a query to database.

AfterFetch (inherited from TCustomDADataSet)

Occurs after dataset finishes fetching data from server.


Occurs after the Smart Refresh procedure was performed by TCustomOraQuery.

AfterUpdateExecute (inherited from TCustomDADataSet)

Occurs after executing insert, delete, update, lock and refresh operations.

BeforeFetch (inherited from TCustomDADataSet)

Occurs before dataset is going to fetch block of records from the server.

BeforeUpdateExecute (inherited from TCustomDADataSet)

Occurs before executing insert, delete, update, lock, and refresh operations.

OnUpdateError (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Occurs when an exception is generated while cached updates are applied to a database.

OnUpdateRecord (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Occurs when a single update component can not handle the updates.


Occures before an application posts changes for the current record to the database or cache.

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