TCustomDADataSet Methods

Methods of the TCustomDADataSet class.

For a complete list of the TCustomDADataSet class members, see the TCustomDADataSet Members topic.


Name Description


Adds condition to the WHERE clause of SELECT statement in the SQL property.

ApplyRange (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Applies a range to the dataset.

ApplyUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Writes dataset's pending cached updates to a database.


Breaks execution of a SQL statement on the server.

CancelRange (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Removes any ranges currently in effect for a dataset.

CancelUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Clears all pending cached updates from cache and restores dataset in its prior state.

CommitUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Clears the cached updates buffer.


Used to obtain a stream for reading data from or writing data to a BLOB field, specified by the Field parameter.

DeferredPost (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Makes permanent changes to the database server.


Removes WHERE clause from the SQL property and assigns the BaseSQL property.

EditRangeEnd (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Enables changing the ending value for an existing range.

EditRangeStart (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Enables changing the starting value for an existing range.


Overloaded. Executes a SQL statement on the server.


Indicates whether SQL statement is still being executed.


Used to find out whether TCustomDADataSet has fetched all rows.


Used to learn whether TCustomDADataSet is still fetching rows.


Used to learn whether TCustomDADataSet is fetching all rows to the end.


Searches for a record which contains specified field values.


Finds a macro with the specified name.


Moves the cursor to a specific record or to the first record in the dataset that matches or is greater than the values specified in the KeyValues parameter.


Determines if a parameter with the specified name exists in a dataset.

GetBlob (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Retrieves TBlob object for a field or current record when only its name or the field itself is known.


Returns internal field types defined in the MemData and accompanying modules.


Returns a multireference shared object from field.


Retrieves the precision of a number field.


Retrieves the scale of a number field.


Provides a list of available key field names.


Retrieves an ORDER BY clause from a SQL statement.


Sets the current record in this dataset similar to the current record in another dataset.

Locate (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Searches a dataset for a specific record and positions the cursor on it.

LocateEx (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Excludes features that don't need to be included to the TMemDataSet.Locate method of TDataSet.


Locks the current record.


Finds a macro with the specified name.


Sets or uses parameter information for a specific parameter based on its name.


Allocates, opens, and parses cursor for a query.


Actualizes field values for the current record.


Restores the SQL property modified by AddWhere and SetOrderBy.

RestoreUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Marks all records in the cache of updates as unapplied.

RevertRecord (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Cancels changes made to the current record when cached updates are enabled.


Saves the SQL property value to BaseSQL.

SaveToXML (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Saves the current dataset data to a file or a stream in the XML format compatible with ADO format.


Builds an ORDER BY clause of a SELECT statement.

SetRange (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Sets the starting and ending values of a range, and applies it.

SetRangeEnd (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Indicates that subsequent assignments to field values specify the end of the range of rows to include in the dataset.

SetRangeStart (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Indicates that subsequent assignments to field values specify the start of the range of rows to include in the dataset.


Determines if the SQL property value was saved to the BaseSQL property.


Releases a record lock.

UnPrepare (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Frees the resources allocated for a previously prepared query on the server and client sides.

UpdateResult (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Reads the status of the latest call to the ApplyUpdates method while cached updates are enabled.

UpdateStatus (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Indicates the current update status for the dataset when cached updates are enabled.

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