Migration from BDE

In MyDAC the interests of BDE application developers were taken into consideration. So starting to use MyDAC after working with BDE would be easy even for developing complex projects. Moreover, MyDAC does not have problems like ones with LiveQuery and compatibility of applications developed using different versions in BDE.

Abandoning BDE gives one more important advantage - positive effect on performance. Instead of complex BDE-ODBC drivers system it uses the fastest access - directly to MySQL server. Also access to MySQL Embedded server is supported.

MyDAC provides special Wizard to simplify the conversion of already existing projects. This Wizard replaces BDE-components in the specified project (dfm-and pas-files) to MyDAC. BDE-components that will be replaced:

To run the Wizard, select BDE Migration Wizard item in MyDAC menu and follow the instructions. BDE Migration Wizard does not support C++Builder.

Note: The Wizard serves only to simplify routine operations and after the conversion project might be uncompiled.

Below is the list of properties and methods which cannot be converted automatically. Here you can find hints for users to simplify manual replacement.







MyDAC does not need global management of a group of database connections in an application.


A complete analogue to TMyUpdateSQL.

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