TMyDump Class

A component for storing database or its parts as a script and also for restoring database from the received script.

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TMyDump = class(TDADump);


Serves to store a database or its parts as a script and also to restore database from received script.

TMyDump behaviour is similar to mysqldump program.

Use TMyDump.Objects and TDADump.TableNames properties to specify the list of objects to be stored. By default, only tables structure and data are stored.

To generate a script call TDADump.Backup or TDADump.BackupQuery method. Resulted script can be viewed in TDADump.SQL.

TMyDump works on the client side. It causes large network loading. To backup database on the server side use TMyBackup. Unlike TMyBackup, TMyDump component allows to store not only tables, but database structure including users' rights.

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