TMyBackup Class

A component that serves for backup copying specified tables on the server.

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TMyBackup = class(TComponent);


Serves for backup copying specified tables on the server. Supports working in two modes defined by the TMyBackup.Mode property - bmText and bmBinary.

The list of tables is specified in TMyBackup.TableNames.

Use the TMyBackup.Path property to specify the path to the server.

TMyBackup works on the server side that greatly affects on performance. However, it has some restrictions. Firstly, backup is performed only for the tables, database structure and user rights that are not stored. Secondly, files created on the server cannot be modified and deleted by MySQL tools.

Note: When using bmBinary mode, both servers must have the same format of the tables (must be the same version). About compatibility of formats storing data please see MySQL Reference Manual.

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