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This topic presents a brief description of the components included in the MySQL Data Access Components library. Click on the name of each component for more information. These components are added to the MyDAC page of the Component palette except for TCRBatchMove and TVirtualTable components. TCRBatchMove and TVirtualTable components are added to the Data Access page of the Component palette. Basic MyDAC components are included in all MyDAC editions. MyDAC Professional and Developer Edition components are not included in MyDAC Standard Edition.

Basic MyDAC components

MyConnection TMyConnection Lets you set up and control connections to MySQL database server.
MyQuery TMyQuery Uses SQL statements to retrieve data from MySQL table or tables and supply it to one or more data-aware components through a TDataSource component. Provides flexible data update functionality.
MyCommand TMyCommand Executes SQL statements and stored procedures, which do not return rowsets.
MyTable TMyTable Lets you retrieve and update data in a single table without writing SQL statements.
MyStoredProc TMyStoredProc Executes stored procedures and functions.
MyUpdateSQL TMyUpdateSQL Lets you tune update operations for a DataSet component.
MyDataSource TMyDataSource Provides an interface between MyDAC dataset components and data-aware controls on a form.
MyScript TMyScript Executes sequences of SQL statements.
MySQLMonitor TMySQLMonitor Interface for monitoring dynamic SQL execution in MyDAC-based applications.
MyConnectDialog TMyConnectDialog Used to build custom prompts for username, password and server name.
VirtualTable TVirtualTable Dataset that stores data in memory. This component is placed on the Data Access page of the Component palette.
VirtualDataSet TVirtualDataSet Dataset that processes arbitrary non-tabular data.

MyDAC Professional Edition components

TMyCEncryptor TMyEncryptor Represents data encryption and decryption in client application.
MyLoader TMyLoader Provides quick loading data to MySQL database.
MyDump TMyDump Serves to store a database or its parts as a script and also to restore database from received script.
MyBackup TMyBackup Serves for backup copying specified tables on the server.
MyServerControl TMyServerControl Serves to control the server and execution of standard service tasks.
MyEmbConnection TMyEmbConnection Is used to establish connection to Embedded MySQL server.
MyMetaData TMyMetaData Retrieves metadata on specified SQL object.
CRBatchMove TCRBatchMove Transfers data between all types of TDataSets descendants. This component is placed on the Data Access page of the Component palette.

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