TMyDump Properties

Properties of the TMyDump class.

For a complete list of the TMyDump class members, see the TMyDump Members topic.


Name Description


Used to specify a connection object that will be used to connect to a data store.

Debug (inherited from TDADump)

Used to display the statement that is being executed and the values and types of its parameters.


Used to set the enumeration of object types that will be described on calling TDADump.Backup.


Specifies the behaviour of the TMyDump component.

SQL (inherited from TDADump)

Used to set or get the dump script.


Holds the list of procedures which will be used in the script.

TableNames (inherited from TDADump)

Used to set the names of the tables to dump.


Holds the list of triggers which will be used in the script.

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