TCustomMyConnection Methods

Methods of the TCustomMyConnection class.

For a complete list of the TCustomMyConnection class members, see the TCustomMyConnection Members topic.


Name Description

ApplyUpdates (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Overloaded. Applies changes in datasets.


Shares database connection between the TCustomMyConnection components.

Commit (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Commits current transaction.

Connect (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Establishes a connection to the server.


Returns a new instance of TCustomMyDataSet class and associates it with this connection object.

CreateSQL (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Creates a component for queries execution.

Disconnect (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Performs disconnect.

ExecProc (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Allows to execute stored procedure or function providing its name and parameters.

ExecProcEx (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Allows to execute a stored procedure or function.


Executes any SQL statement outside TMyQuery or TMyCommand components.

ExecSQLEx (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Executes any SQL statement outside the TQuery or TSQL components.


Populates a string list with the names of available charsets.

GetDatabaseNames (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Returns a database list from the server.


Returns the result of the last query execution.

GetKeyFieldNames (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Provides a list of available key field names.

GetStoredProcNames (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Returns a list of stored procedures from the server.

GetTableNames (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Provides a list of available tables names.


Returns a list of triggers from the server.

MonitorMessage (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Sends a specified message through the TCustomDASQLMonitor component.

Ping (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Used to check state of connection to the server.


Releases the specified savepoint without affecting any work that has been performed after its creation.

RemoveFromPool (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Marks the connection that should not be returned to the pool after disconnect.

Rollback (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Discards all current data changes and ends transaction.


Cancels all updates for the current transaction.


Defines a point in the transaction to which you can roll back later.

StartTransaction (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Begins a new user transaction.

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