TDATraceFlag Enumeration

Use TraceFlags to specify which database operations the monitor should track in an application at runtime.




TDATraceFlag = (tfQPrepare, tfQExecute, tfQFetch, tfError, tfStmt, tfConnect, tfTransact, tfBlob, tfService, tfMisc, tfParams, tfObjDestroy, tfPool);


Value Meaning
tfBlob This option is declared for future use.
tfConnect Establishing a connection.
tfError Errors of query execution.
tfMisc If this flag is set, then just before sending a query to the server, OnSQL event is called additionally. The difference from usual call is that the query is already completely decoded, i.e. parameters are quoted and included into the text of the query. If to use MySQL 4.1 protocol with preparing, a value of this flag will be ignored.
tfObjDestroy Destroying of components.
tfParams Representing parameter values for tfQPrepare and tfQExecute.
tfPool Connection pool operations.
tfQExecute Execution of the queries.
tfQFetch This option is declared for future use.
tfQPrepare Queries preparation.
tfService This option is declared for future use.
tfStmt This option is declared for future use.
tfTransact Processing transactions.

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