TCompressedBlob Members

TCompressedBlob class overview.


Name Description

AsString (inherited from TBlob)

Used to manipulate BLOB value as string.

AsWideString (inherited from TBlob)

Used to manipulate BLOB value as Unicode string.


Used to indicate if the Blob is compressed.


Used to indicate compressed size of the Blob data.

IsUnicode (inherited from TBlob)

Gives choice of making TBlob store and process data in Unicode format or not.

RefCount (inherited from TSharedObject)

Used to return the count of reference to a TSharedObject object.

Size (inherited from TBlob)

Used to learn the size of the TBlob value in bytes.


Name Description

AddRef (inherited from TSharedObject)

Increments the reference count for the number of references dependent on the TSharedObject object.

Assign (inherited from TBlob)

Sets BLOB value from another TBlob object.

Clear (inherited from TBlob)

Deletes the current value in TBlob object.

LoadFromFile (inherited from TBlob)

Loads the contents of a file into a TBlob object.

LoadFromStream (inherited from TBlob)

Copies the contents of a stream into the TBlob object.

Read (inherited from TBlob)

Acquires a raw sequence of bytes from the data stored in TBlob.

Release (inherited from TSharedObject)

Decrements the reference count.

SaveToFile (inherited from TBlob)

Saves the contents of the TBlob object to a file.

SaveToStream (inherited from TBlob)

Copies the contents of a TBlob object to a stream.

Truncate (inherited from TBlob)

Sets new TBlob size and discards all data over it.

Write (inherited from TBlob)

Stores a raw sequence of bytes into a TBlob object.
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