TCustomDADataSet.Options Property

Used to specify the behaviour of TCustomDADataSet object.




property Options: TDADataSetOptions;


Set the properties of Options to specify the behaviour of a TCustomDADataSet object.

Descriptions of all options are in the table below.

Option Name Description
AutoPrepare Used to execute automatic Prepare on the query execution.
CacheCalcFields Used to enable caching of the TField.Calculated and TField.Lookup fields.
CompressBlobMode Used to store values of the BLOB fields in compressed form.
DefaultValues Used to request default values/expressions from the server and assign them to the DefaultExpression property.
DetailDelay Used to get or set a delay in milliseconds before refreshing detail dataset while navigating master dataset.
FieldsOrigin Used for TCustomDADataSet to fill the Origin property of the TField objects by appropriate value when opening a dataset.
FlatBuffers Used to control how a dataset treats data of the ftString and ftVarBytes fields.
InsertAllSetFields Used to include all set dataset fields in the generated INSERT statement
LocalMasterDetail Used for TCustomDADataSet to use local filtering to establish master/detail relationship for detail dataset and does not refer to the server.
LongStrings Used to represent string fields with the length that is greater than 255 as TStringField.
MasterFieldsNullable Allows to use NULL values in the fields by which the relation is built, when generating the query for the Detail tables (when this option is enabled, the performance can get worse).
NumberRange Used to set the MaxValue and MinValue properties of TIntegerField and TFloatField to appropriate values.
QueryRecCount Used for TCustomDADataSet to perform additional query to get the record count for this SELECT, so the RecordCount property reflects the actual number of records.
QuoteNames Used for TCustomDADataSet to quote all database object names in autogenerated SQL statements such as update SQL.
RemoveOnRefresh Used for a dataset to locally remove a record that can not be found on the server.
RequiredFields Used for TCustomDADataSet to set the Required property of the TField objects for the NOT NULL fields.
ReturnParams Used to return the new value of fields to dataset after insert or update.
SetFieldsReadOnly Used for a dataset to set the ReadOnly property to True for all fields that do not belong to UpdatingTable or can not be updated.
StrictUpdate Used for TCustomDADataSet to raise an exception when the number of updated or deleted records is not equal 1.
TrimFixedChar Specifies whether to discard all trailing spaces in the string fields of a dataset.
UpdateAllFields Used to include all dataset fields in the generated UPDATE and INSERT statements.
UpdateBatchSize Used to get or set a value that enables or disables batch processing support, and specifies the number of commands that can be executed in a batch.

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