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This topic presents a brief description of the components included in the InterBase Data Access Components library. Click on the name of each component for more information. These components are added to the IBDAC page of the Component palette except for TCRBatchMove and TVirtualTable components. TCRBatchMove and TVirtualTable components are added to the Data Access page of the Component palette.

Basic IBDAC components

IBCConnection TIBCConnection Sets and controls connection to InterBase database.
IBCTransaction TIBCTransaction Provides discrete transaction control over database connections.
IBCQuery TIBCQuery Uses SQL statements to retrieve data from InterBase table or tables. Single SELECT statement may be adequately used to generate missing INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE statements.
IBCSQL TIBCSQL Executes SQL statements and stored procedures, which do not return rowsets.
IBCTable TIBCTable Lets you retrieve and update data in a single table without writing SQL statements.
IBCStoredProc TIBCStoredProc Executes stored procedures and functions, allows to edit cursor data returned as parameter.
IBCUpdateSQL TIBCUpdateSQL Lets you tune update operations for a DataSet component.
IBCDataSource TIBCDataSource Provides an interface between an IBDAC dataset components and data-aware controls on a form.
IBCScript TIBCScript Executes sequences of SQL statements.
IBCSQLMonitor TIBCSQLMonitor Use to monitor dynamic SQL execution in IBDAC based applications.
ConnectDialog TIBCConnectDialog Used to build custom prompts for username, password and server name.
VirtualTable TVirtualTable Dataset that stores data in memory. This component is placed on the Data Access page of the Component palette.
VirtualDataSet TVirtualDataSet Dataset that processes arbitrary non-tabular data.

IBDAC Professional Edition components

TIBCEncryptor TIBCEncryptor Represents data encryption and decryption in client application.
TIBCLoader TIBCLoader Allows to load external data into the database table.
IBCAlerter TIBCAlerter Use to transfer messages between connections.
IBCMetaData TIBCMetaData Retrieves metadata on specified SQL object.
TIBCServerProperties TIBCServerProperties Returns database server information, including configuration parameters, and also version and license information.
TIBCConfigService TIBCConfigService Configures database parameters.
TIBCLicensingService TIBCLicensingService Adds or removes InterBase software activation certificates.
TIBCLogService TIBCLogService Returns the contents of the interbase.log file from server.
TIBCStatisticalService TIBCStatisticalService Shows database statistics.
TIBCValidationService TIBCValidationService Validates a database and reconciles database transactions.
TIBCSecurityService TIBCSecurityService Used to manage user access to the InterBase server.
TIBCTraceService TIBCTraceService Used for working with trace service added in Firebird 2.5.
TIBCBackupService TIBCBackupService Used to backup a database.
TIBCRestoreService TIBCRestoreService Used to restore a database.
CRBatchMove TCRBatchMove Transfers data between all types of TDataSets descendants. This component is placed on the Data Access page of the Component palette.
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