TIBCConfigService.SetReadOnly Method

Sets the database to read only.




procedure SetReadOnly(Value: Boolean);

True, if the database is set to read only.


Call the SetReadOnly method to set the database to read only.

Access mode specifies the type of access a transaction has for the table it uses. There are two possible modes: read-only and read-write.

Read-only specifies that a transaction can read data from a table, but cannot insert, update, or delete table data. Read-write specifies that a transaction can select, insert, update, and delete table data. This is the default setting if none is specified.

Tip: You should specify the transaction's access mode even if is read-write. It makes the application's source code easier to read and debug, because the program's intentions are clearly spelled out.

Note: You sould install InterBase 6 to use this feature.

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