What’s New in dbForge Fusion for SQL Server, v1.5


  • Plugin integrates into Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013, and supports all IDE skins
  • A single installation file integrates the plugin to all Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013: the required IDE can be selected during installation
  • Plugin integrates into dotConnect for SQL Server

Brand new SQL Formatter component

We have revised and improved this essential component. Pivotal new formatting features include:

Formatting profile introduced

  • Formatting preferences stored in an individual file
  • Multiple formatting profiles and profile import supported
  • Single-profile for multiple workstations

New formatting options editor

  • Option quick search
  • Sample code displays formatting according to current formatting settings
  • Editable sample code formatting preview

Enhanced formatting settings

  • Any SQL-statement formatting can now be adjusted independently and more precisely
  • Formatting settings for sub-queries added
  • Word recognition for different identifier cases
  • Independent built-in datatype case formatting settings

New SQL code refactoring features

With the new version, we are taking the product to a new level.

Code and database identifier case synchronization

If your database identifiers were created according to certain adopted rules, then you will have no problem transforming SQL script identifier case to that of the database.

Stored procedure call expansion

It takes a single click to transform an EXECUTE statement into a code block containing the procedure body. Execution logic is preserved, which allows easier code debugging.

Refresh suggestions cache

  • Automatic suggestions cache refresh by specified time is added
  • New option: Refresh suggestions cache on detecting changes on a server

New code completion features

  • New Option: Enclose identifiers within square brackets []
  • SET IDENTITY INSERT tables suggestion is added
  • XML variables suggestion in the FROM statement is added
  • Column suggestion in the VALUES statement is added
  • Object suggestion for linked servers on SQL Azure is added
  • Table order in ON condition of suggested JOIN clause can now be reversed. Behavior can be toggled in the options menu
  • Inserted columns in SELECTs are now automatically qualified with a table alias. Behavior can be toggled in the options menu
  • Functions are now inserted from suggestion list with braces
  • ‘Refresh Local Cache’ and ‘Refresh Suggestions’ commands now use the same shortcut
  • ALTER TABLE statement now has context-sensitive identifier suggestion
  • ‘Run Current Statement’ command usability slightly improved
  • The Express edition has been enhanced with code completion for temporary tables

New code formatter features

  • New Option: Add empty line after GO
  • New Option: Add parentheses when inserting functions
  • New Option: Enable autoformat words while typing
  • New Option: Alias Text Case - As in declaration
  • Code formatter functionality is available even if code completion is disabled
  • Do not format tag is implemented. Now it is possible to format a whole SQL document in the editor ignoring selected code fragments which you do not want to be formatted.
  • Alias generation in the UPPER case is available
  • Items selection in the list is available even if upper input is expected


  • Lots of snippets are added
  • Objects describe performance is improved