Viewing Data in Grid Overview

Data Editor allows you to view and quickly edit data right in the grid.

To retrieve data, do any of the following steps:

  • Click Results as Grid on the SQL toolbar before executing a query that returns data.

  • Open a table or view editor and switch to the data view.

  • In Database Explorer, right-click a table or a view, and then click Retrieve Data on the shortcut menu.

  • Double-click a table or view in Database Explorer and switch to the Data view of the Object Viewer.

  • Drag the table or view from the database explorer to the Data window.


If you want to retrieve all the data from a table with a large number of records, a message warning you about the possibility of the Out of memory exception is shown, and you can choose either of the following actions - continue retrieving data, cancel retrieving data, or turn on Paginal Mode. By default, Paginal Mode is enabled in data view with 1000 records per page so that only 1000 records are displayed at once. For more information, see Paginal Mode.

To simplify data analysis, you can use the following features: