Using Incremental Search

You can search an individual document or window incrementally by entering a search string character by character, then observing the matches found as the search string lengthens. To activate an incremental search, choose Advanced on the Edit menu and choose Incremental Search.

An incremental search automatically searches the entire document or all text within a window, with the exception of text that has been collapsed or concealed. The editor highlights the first set of characters found in the document or window that match the search string entered.

Incremental searches are performed by default from the current location in the document downward, and from left to right. To move to the next match, press CTRL+I. To reverse the direction of the search, press CTRL+SHIFT+I.

To search incrementally:

  1. Place the cursor in a blank section of the file or window you want to search.

  2. On the Edit menu, select Advanced, and then select Incremental Search.

  3. The cursor icon changes to binoculars with an arrow indicating the search direction, and the status bar displays the text Incremental Search.

  4. Begin typing the search string.

  5. The status bar displays the search string you are entering, and the editor highlights the first match found for what you have typed so far.

  6. Continue to add characters to the search string.

The editor searches again for a match of the augmented search string, and again highlights the first match found.

If no match is found, the status bar displays the following message: **Incremental Search: not found**.