Deployment of NuGet Package to Target Database

This topic provides an example of using PowerShell Cmdlets for the deployment of the NuGet package to the target database that includes the following stages:

  • Creation of a target database connection.
  • Testing of the target database connection.
  • Synchronization.
#region the variables

# A target server name
$serverName = "DBMSSQLX64\MSSQL2016"
# A target sever user name
$userName = "sa"
# A target database name
$databaseName = "magma"

# A package file
$databasePackageFileName = "C:\Test\NuGet\Repository\Test.DevOpsAutomation.Database.3.0.0.nupkg"


#region the check function

Function check {

    if ($result) {
        Write-Host "Success" -ForegroundColor Green; Write-host ""
    else {
        Write-Host "Failed" -ForegroundColor Red;


#region synch from package to Database  

# Create database connection
Write-Host "Creating database connection..."
$connection = New-DevartSqlDatabaseConnection -Server $serverName -Database $databaseName -UserName $userName

# Test database connection
Write-Host "Testing database connection..."
$result = Test-DevartDatabaseConnection -Connection $connection;

# Sync database
Write-Host "Sync database..."
$result = Invoke-DevartSyncDatabaseSchema -Source $databasePackageFileName -Target $connection