Data Compare 4.3 release notes

What’s new:

SQL Server Support

  • SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 (SP1) new syntax support
  • SQL Server 2017 CTP2 new syntax support
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse connectivity support


dbForge Data Compare can be integrated into the latest SQL Server Management Studio v17.2

Data Comparison

  • Static Data comparison in Script Folder
  • Support for the MASKED columns
  • Option to automatically select a key for comparing objects without a suitable unique key
  • Added option to turn ON\OFF Generation of IF NOT EXISTS on inserting
  • Possibility to open the comparison wizard instead of the comparison autorun when opening the .dcomp files Creation of the Command Line Execution File

With the Command Line Execution File Settings dialog box, you can setup and create a command line execution file (.bat file), and use it for routine data comparison and synchronization tasks.