Data Compare 4.2 release notes

What’s new:

Comparison and synchronization of data in system-versioned tables

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server now supports system-versioned temporal tables - a new type of user tables in SQL Server 2016 that provide a complete information on data changes at any point in time.

New comparison and synchronization options

A bunch of new options was added to make the comparison and synchronization process even more customizable.

Comparison and synchronization of memory-optimized table types

Memory-optimized table variables have a number of advantages over traditional table variables. The option of comparing and synchronizing data in memory-optimized tables has been implemented in dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server.

Comparison reports extended functionality

You can generate reports in a collection of comma-separated value (CSV) files.

PowerShell Supported

Automate data comparison and synchronization using a rich PowerShell environment and the Data Compare command lines.

Specific exit codes are added

Specific exit codes will indicate an error when a task you’re running in the command line interface fails and will make troubleshooting more straightforward.

Other improvements

  • Trial Product Activation implemented
  • Application visual style greatly improved
  • FIPS compliance
  • Azure Active Directory authentication