Data Compare 3.0 release notes

What’s new:

New extended data comparison reports

  • Offline analyzing of comparison results can be done by exporting real data into the report
  • New Comparison Report wizard
  • Comparison report can include only columns containing differences for the rows that contain differences
  • The number of changes for each column can be included into the comparison report

Custom query result comparison

The custom query result comparison feature can be used to compare results of specific queries. This proves exceptionally useful in case you need a customized comparison instead of comparing all data in your database.

SQL Azure Support

Comparing data and synchronizing SQL Azure databases has just become as easy as processing common ones. dbForge Data Compare fully supports SQL Azure database connection and processing.

More flexible comparison settings

  • Possibility to use “One-to-many” objects mapping when some columns in the target database were separated as a table is added
  • Possibility to include objects into comparison by mask is added. It is useful when you need to compare groups of tables
  • Possibility to choose a random index as a comparison key is added
  • Options for ignoring difference in time for DATETIME fields are added

Improved analysis of comparison results

  • Possibility of quick navigation through data differences is added
  • Full-text data search is available
  • Possibility to hide unchanged columns in the result data grid is added
  • The number of differences per column is now displayed on the status bar
  • Possibility to view a random set of columns in data grid is added

Other improvements

  • Extended examples on command line usage are added
  • Additional user interface skins support is added
  • Redesigned start page