Selecting synchronization output

After you have selected the objects to include in the synchronization, use the Data Synchronization Wizard to create the SQL script that will synchronize the Source and the Target.

Using the Data Synchronization Wizard

To start the Data Synchronization Wizard, click Start synchronization button.

In the Data Synchronization Wizard, you can:

  • Open the synchronization script in the internal browser for reviewing.
  • Save the script to a file and specify a path to it.
  • Execute the script directly against the target database. You can select to refresh the comparison results after deployment.

Data Synchronization Wizard

Synchronizing backups

If you select a backup as the Target, the Data Synchronization Wizard creates a script to update the database from which that backup was created. You can not modify backups directly with Data Compare for SQL Server.

If you select a backup as the Source, and a database is the Target, Data Compare for SQL Server can synchronize the database with the backup.

Synchronizing scripts folders

If you select a scripts folder as the Target, you can either create a data changes deployment script to update the database from which that scripts folder was created, or update files in the scripts folder directly.