Options Used in Command Line for /datacompare

You can select the required options while setting the comparison in the Data Comparison wizard and generate a file with command line arguments by clicking Save settings to a command line arguments file on the Options wizard page. Also you can set comparison options by using the /option_name:[Y/N] switch in the Command Prompt. Specify either full or short names of the options. Here is the list of their names.

By default, Devart dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL generates a file with command line arguments and writes all comparison and synchronization options into it. Each option is written like the following: /option_name: [Y/N]

You can edit the file to turn on/off required options. To turn on comparison and synchronization options, edit their values to “Yes”, “Y”, “True”, “T”, or “On”. To turn off the options, change their values to “No”, “N”, “False”, “F”, or “Off”.

Each option has a full and short name. You can type either name of a required option into the Command Prompt instead of editing the file.

See below the list of options with their full and short command line names.

Options List

Full name Short Name
CheckDifferent chkdiff
CheckIdentical chkequal
CheckOnlyInSource chksource
CheckOnlyInTarget chktarget
CompareTables tables
CompareViews views
ExcludeObjectsByMask meobjmask
IgnoreBlobColoumns miblob
IgnoreCase icase
IgnoreColoumnsByMask micolmask
IgnoreEndOfLine ieol
IgnoreLeadingSpaces ilspaces
IgnoreSerialColoumns miserial
IgnoreTrailingSpaces ispaces
IncludeObjectsByMask miobjmask
IsEmptyStringEqualsNull emptyeqnull
IsIgnoreTime itime
MappingIgnoreCase micase
MappingIgnoreSpaces mispace
MappingIgnoreUnderscores miunder
RoundFloatTypes round
BulkInsert bulk
CheckConcurrencyUpdates concupd
DisableDmlTriggers nodml
DisableForeignKeys nofk
DisableRules norules
DropCheckContraints dropcheck
DropKeys dropkeys
ExcludeComments nocomments
ExecuteAsSingleTransaction tran
IncludeComparisonSettings incsettings
IncludeDifferencesPerColumns incdiffcols
IncludeIdenticalObjects incident
IncludeObjectsData incdata
IncludeOnlyColumnsWithChanges inccolswchanges