What’s New in dbForge Data Compare for Oracle v2.0

Views and materialized views comparison

In addition to table data, users can compare data in views and materialized views.

Comparing data with different structures

You can compare tables with different structures and columns with different data types. dbForge Data Compare delivers good capabilities to do such comparisons. This brings great relief and confidence for database professionals who have to keep their databases updated in a modern fast-paced environment.

Comparing multiple schemas at once

You can compare either one or several schemas at once. dbForge Data Compare provides a filter to quickly find required schemas in the list.

Data comparison and synchronization via command line

You can generate a command line arguments file and use it to compare and synchronize data in automatic mode via command line.

Comparing large object data types

Now you can synchronize data in LOB, BFILE and XML_TYPE columns quickly and easily.

WHERE filter for data filtering

You can quickly select only necessary data records to compare. This feature is useful when comparing tables or views with a huge number of data records.

Generating comparison reports

This will allow you to save and publish differences between databases to produce clear and accurate reports.

Bi-directional data synchronization

It takes only one click to change a synchronization direction. You do not have to recompare databases to synchronize both of them.

Direct connection

You can connect to your Oracle database without any Oracle client installed on your side. This will save you time and much effort.

Extended data comparison and synchronization options

You can better tune your comparison and synchronization as dbForge Data Compare 2.00 offers a wider choice of options. Now auto mapping, comparison, results display and synchronization options are at your disposal.

Rollback synchronization on an error

A transaction approach, used by dbForge Data Compare, ensures the integrity of databases in case any error occurs during synchronization. This makes each data synchronization safe and predictable.

Express and Standard product editions available

You can use the free Express edition to perform simple comparison or buy the Standard edition to get all the professional features. You have a choice to select only required tools and save your money.