Cached Updates

Refresh Local Cache

If you are writing a query on a database while someone else is making changes to the structure of that database, the suggestions offered by dbForge Data Compare for MySQL may become out of date. For instance, if someone has added several tables to a database while you have been connected to that database, these tables will not appear in the suggestions box. To reload the database objects, click Refresh Suggestions. Refreshing suggestions applies only to the database which you are currently connected to.

Reset Suggestions Cache

If you connect to a number of different databases during the same session, dbForge Data Compare for MySQL will load all the objects for each database as required, without unloading any of the previously stored objects. This means that you can go back to the previous queries and continue to see suggestions for any database which you have previously connected to.

dbForge Data Compare loads database objects into its memory whenever you connect to a database in order to display suggestions from that database. If you connect to several databases with a large number of objects, this may eventually result in running out of memory. To reset the memory at any time, simply click Reset Suggestion Cache.